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Introducing ...  Abeille Wraps! Reusable Beeswax Wraps Made in Canada with love

Introducing ... Abeille Wraps! Reusable Beeswax Wraps Made in Canada with love

We managed to sit down with Stacy Reardon, founder/owner of Abeille Wraps, locally made beeswax wraps that Neat customers have gone wild for. She lets us in on more sustainable practices, the start of Abielle and what makes them so special.
NEAT: What inspired you to start your own company?
SR: I was working for a branding/marketing firm and I just wasn't happy. I sourced all the components I would need to make beeswax wraps and had my first order before I even made my first wrap! Obviously, that was a good sign. All the components for our wraps are sourced from Ontario or Quebec, so it's as local as can be.
NEAT: The patterns of your wraps get people very excited and feeling nostalgic. How do you choose your patterns and what determines new designs?
SR: I work with a supplier in Montreal for my cotton fabric. It has to be thin enough to be flexible but also thick enough to hold the beeswax over time and usage. Patterns are fun and I try to think of what people might want to see when they open their fridge!
Also, most of the cotton we use is organic, which makes it even better.
NEAT: How long do the wraps last?
SR: Roughly 175 times per wrap. It's a zero waste situation, too. Once they are no longer able to hold their shape, they can go into your organics bin or they make a great fire starter.
NEAT: Aside from using Abeille Wraps, what would you suggest people do to live more sustainably?
SR: That's a tough one because as much as you might want to do something, most people aren't open to change. But we have to make efforts for the future of our planet.
Watch how much you drive, if you can help it. Reduce your packaging consumption when possible, recycle, fly less. All of it helps.
NEAT: Why is now the time for Abeille Wraps?
SR: We can all try to do our part, these wraps are a good start, especially if you don't know how to start.
Neat carries a variety of Abeille Wraps at both locations: 4/pack $29.99
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