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Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward

Q: What are you doing about ALL YOUR SHOES?

You may be avoiding this question but we both know that we need to do something about our shoe situation before the weather turns. If you're prepared, this process will be one of the most enjoyable acts of self care since your last spa appointment. Think of all the shoes you'll be able to choose from once you can SEE all of them. Bliss. 
NEAT has you covered and here's how you can put your best foot forward in organizing your shoe wardrobe for F/W 2019:
Yamazaki Shoe Racks
Leave it to the Japanese to design well heeled shoe racks that not only tackle your spatially challenged abode, but also have a sleek, clean lined aesthetic.
From 2 Tier low and wide racks to the ultimate Tower 6 Tier, whose wood top doubles as a great hallway table that willfully catches both your keys and the mail when you get home. Design Tip: Get it in white to blend into the wall colour and keep small entryway spaces feeling less cramped. 
Toronto design-focused housewares brand, Umbra, has the strongest shoe game in our opinion. They are Canadian, so knowing first hand what challenges we face with shoes and boots in the Fall and Winter months is vital for our survival. 
Pro Tip: Start with the foundation, Shoe Dry, which is an absorbent shoe mat that not only soaks up the sludge, dirt, salt and snow, but is machine washable for easy cleaning. Top that with either the Imelda or Shoe Sling for your storage needs and boom, Bob's your uncle.
All of these items are available at NEAT now. 
New Shoes Blues
There's nothing more blissful than NEW pair of shoes.
Of course, they don't stay new forever, but when we take care of said shoes, then they tend to stick around a lot longer. Check out these shoe maintenance products the next time you're in store!
Shoe Skunks: Activated carbon eliminates the funk while looking like pesky skunks in your shoes. Fun!
Ever Bamboo deodorizers: Bamboo Charcoal based scent absorbents: Staff Pick #1. Reactivate them in the sunshine every month for optimum freshness and absorption. 
Emergency Stain Remover: This works on everything, really. But for tough scuffs on shoes that you're struggling to clean: #byestains
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