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Fatboy February!

Fatboy February!

It's that time of year when we offer 15% off all Fatboy purchases at Neat and we're so excited to tell you all about how Fatboy products will add coziness to your entire home and for the entire family!

The Dutch company makes their Original Fatboy bean bags in a myriad of colors; filled with polystyrene beads on the inside, and protected by a durable water & stain-resistant nylon on the outside, the Original is comfy, soft, and easy to clean. 
Top Shape for Kids' Rooms:
The Island. Just as the name suggests, this oval shaped bean bag looks like an island, or a boat, or can easily be formed into a cozy high back chair for reading your fave book! No matter how your child uses their imagination, The Island is the ideal piece to elevate it. 
Top Pick for Movie Night:
The Original Fatboy comfortably seats two adults or a gaggle of kids ready for lounging and watching a movie or catching up on your binge worthy shows. 
Upgrade the nylon material to Stonewashed cotton for extra softness, which can also be removed and machine washed! 
This shape is also available in Outdoor Sunbrella, which is a material for both indoor/outdoor use and is UV, dirt and water resistant. 
Top Pick for Luxury:
As much as we LOVE the nylon for it's easy care, our hearts can't help but fall for the luxury of The Velvet Slim. In rich, bold colors such as Dark Blue and Emerald, this bean bag is the ideal purchase to add both comfort and luxury to any space. If you don't have the room for the Slim, then the MUST HAVE in velvet is the Point, which moonlights as an ottoman when not being used as extra seating. 
Pooch It Up:
Fatboy also offers your pampered pooch The DoggieLounge, available in either Small or Large, which covers both your Pug pal or your Great Dane buddy.

Sale ends February 29th, 2020.
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