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Pop Storage For Your Pantry

Pop Storage For Your Pantry

Ahhh, the New Year.
We make loads of resolutions for ourselves: no booze, no carbs, more sleep, less junk food, get a trainer and the list goes on. But self care can be as simple as getting yourself organized and that's when NEAT can help!
Let's take a quick peak into your cupboards, shall we?
Between the bulk spices, pastas, rice and legumes, OXO Pop containers has you covered. This line has recently been revamped with a leaner design, allowing for easier stacking and optimizing your entire cupboard space. The airtight design also Keeps your dry goods fresher, longer. The see through containers allow you to skip the labels and find what you're looking for faster.
Individual containers from $7.99- $22.99
5 piece set $69.9, 10 piece set. $149.99

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