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It's A Family Affair: Joseph Joseph

It's A Family Affair: Joseph Joseph

Twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph caught the design bug at an early age. Considering they grew up in a family in the manufacturing industry, it seemed only natural that their curiosity and creativity flourish there. And it all began with a cutting board.....the rest, as they say, is history.
We are happy to offer 15%off all Joseph Joseph products this week Feb 18-24 and here are some of our TOP PICKS for not only innovative design but products that will add that NEAT touch to your life:

Consider the shape and design of the standard toilet brush. Now think about the areas it is supposed to fit into in order to thoroughly clean said toilet. We know, it's a bit of a head scratcher. 
This is why The Flex is one of our top sellers; it's designed to scrub your toilet effectively, fitting effortlessly under the rim and everywhere else. The open bristles allow you to FULLY clean the brush and see that it is clean. Then it pops into its own enclosed storage until next time. BRILLIANT!
If you are still hanging onto your original city issued compost bin, bless you but it's time for an upgrade! This narrower caddy fits casually onto your counter and tucks away onto a hanging bracket when not in use, so you can hide it on the inside of a cabinet door as easily as you would a small bin. With a 4 litre capacity and adjustable air vent, this is one compost bin that's a must have for any small kitchen space. 
When you purchase JJ cutting boards, you not only are buying a high quality product, but you are investing in making your meal prep as streamlined as possible. From the Chop to Pot boards to the various nesting boards that minimize in taking up valuable storage space, you'll be over the moon with your new cutting boards.
Nest Lock Storage containers are LEAK PROOF. Go ahead and digest that the next time you make yourself a packed lunch! Various sizes and colors available, the NEST multi-sized kits also stack neatly into each other, taking up even less room in your cupboards and drawers. 
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