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The ONLY Ladder for The Spatially Challenged

The ONLY Ladder for The Spatially Challenged

Spatially challenged?

We feel you.

We also understand how important it is to have full accessibility to those storage areas that are just a touch out of reach.

Time to put away that kitchen chair and invest in a ladder that not only supports everything you are trying to reach, but won't take up any space when not in use.

Japanese brand Hasegawa has been making ladders and selling ladders since the 60's and their Slim Step Ladder is essentially the dreamiest we've ever seen. It's a NEAT best seller for several reasons!

Aesthetically, the ladder is sleek; available in either glossy white or matte black. It also has broad steps that offer a more solid center of gravity. That covers looks and ease of use.

Now for the clincher: the ladder collapses into a free standing 2 inch wonder, ready to slide into that weird nook between the fridge and wall, or fridge and counter top, or in a pantry, or slide it under a bed or couch.  Bam! Design genius.

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