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Smart Baton Light - White Ash



The Smart Baton Light is purely a sleek and modern compactly designed object

It can be positioned absolutely anywhere you desire. The real natural and sustainable adhesive wood base can be fixed to most surfaces, and with a cleverly hidden magnet inside, the light baton can be easily positioned, taken down and even used as a handy portable torch. You can re-charge it as needed and simply place it back onto its magnetised base. Light up a dingy hallway, on a stairwell, a cupboard or even as bedside lights, without the need for complicated wiring.

The Baton light also has an in-built motion sensor to help conserve even more energy. So when it’s dark, it automatically lights up the moment it detects any motion. Or if you prefer, you can certainly have it stay lit up.

Without compromising on design, the Smart Baton Light from Gingko has a real wood case set off beautifully by the high quality frosted acrylic glass which keeps it light, pleasant and easy to grip for handy use. It certainly reflects our design ethos of making every day objects smarter in living.


  1. Product Material: White Ash, frosted acrylic glass
  2. Light source: 1W LED
  3. LED colour temperature: 2700K~3000K
  4. Sensor light delay: 15 seconds
  5. Battery life: 15-30 days (depending on how frequent it lights up
  6. Power input: DC5V 1A
  7. Power source: in-built 500MAH rechargeable li-on battery
  8. Product Size: 180×25×25mm
  9. USB charging cable included
  10. Packaging box size: 102×42×222mm
  11. Product net weight: 100g
  12. Product gross weight: 186g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Handy to have a motion sensor light inside front door

Like the other reviewer, I like the light aesthetically and it gives me some nice warm light when my hands are usually full. I would like for it to stay on for 2 minutes instead of 15 seconds but the time is fixed. I leave it on auto so it has not run out of charge for several weeks. Today though it did fall off the wall, which surprised me but I was kind of glad about it because I had stuck it on a bit crooked. It attaches to the wall with a sticker. I might have touched the sticker too much when I first attached it, making it less sticky. If it falls off again, I will use a command strip. When first attaching it to the wall, keep the light in the base so that you can tell how straight it is.

I would give it 3.5-4 stars

The design and use of wood form a lovely aesthetic. The LED light is soft and warm - very pleasant. The only issue is that it does not hold a charge for a long time. I use it to light the interior of a small glass-windowed cabinet at night and have to recharge the lights every couple of days as I have the light on for 5-6 hours per day. That is a bit annoying.