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BlueLounge Cablebox Organizer, Light Sage Green

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The easy way to avoid seeing wires, sockets and adapters.
- You do not pull the plugs to hide the power center.
- Fire-resistant, made of flame retardant plastic.

We all know that; on or under the desk, next to your computer or behind the TV, loose tangled cables are always unpleasant out and are real dust collectors.

The solution is called CableBox! Simply place your power strip inside CableBox without even having to break the current. Then stop down all the long cables and close the lid. Clear!

With holes for cables on both short sides CableBox fit almost every size power outlets and there are plenty of extra space for cables, adapters, etc.

(L) x 408 mm (W) x 158 mm (H) 135 mm

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