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Bobino Key Clip - 2 Pack - Slate



Bobino KEY CLIP makes it easy to locate your keys. No more searching in the depths of your hand bag, backpack, briefcase or purse.

Bobino KEY CLIP was designed to attach to an inside border or pocket of your hand bag, briefcase, backpack or purse. Hanging your keys on the clip will make them easy to find, every time you need them. We recommend affixing Bobino KEY CLIP only to the inside of a bag, where they are secure and protected.

Dimensions: 1,8 x 2 x 3,2 cm (0.7” x 0.8” x 1.3”)

Set of 2.

How to use

1. Attach your Bobino KEY CLIP to the inside border of your bag.
2. Affix your key chain to the clip.
3. Remove again from the clip when you need your keys.