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Breeze Compost Collector, Black

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Don't let its size fool you, this pint-sized portable powerhouse keeps funky odors at a minimum with innovative patented Fresh Air ™ technology that allows for aerobic decomposition. Use the specially designed lid that rests on the bin's edge to keep things clean while you take small steps towards being more green. And, keep your compost collector in tip-top shape with ASTM D-6400 certified bags that you can carry to your bin or local facility to make waste a little less wasteful. Made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.

  • Materials Recycled Plastic, Plastic

— Made From Recycled Plastic And Partially Recycled Steel
— Certified Compostable By The Biodegradable Products Institute
— Fits Any Standard Sized Countertop Compost Collector
— .85 Gallon Capacity

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