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CableDrop Cable Coil 4 Pack - Black



Neatly organize your cables and keep them together with CableCoil. The CableCoil is perfect for multiple cables that need to be bundled together and are usually plugged together. Keep them all grouped together and easily accessible.

Key Features

  • The cable reels are made of durable, non-slip and flexible material. The cable spool snaps to surfaces to hold your cables in place. Durable material ensures cables stay bundled and protected
  • Cable reels embody simplicity and functionality. Clean, seamless design gives your cables a minimalist look and feel
  • Installation is easy thanks to the flexible material of Cable Coil. Simply twist the cable spool around your wire harness to create a strong and protective support sleeve
  • Fits most full-size micro USB cords, cell phone or tablet chargers, headphone cords and other smaller computer cables