Kartell Jellies Coat Hanger, Medium, Crystal, 13cm Diameter

Regular price $49.00

The Jellies Coat Hanger Ø13cm hook is designed to suit almost any interior in the home. The transparent, fresh, jewelled look of the hook makes it an attractive objet d'art that is practical and functional. Once attached to the wall it will help store bags, umbrellas, keys and any other items you need to organise in your home. The hook is artistic and attractive and can be used in an elegant or more playful area such as a children's bedroom, garden shed or kitchen.

The hook is made from a sturdy, shiny technopolymer (PMMA) and the dimensions of the hook is 6cm in depth and 13cm in diameter. The hook is lightweight at 0.2 kg and can be effectively combined with smaller hooks in the same range.

1 Hanger per order

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