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Fatboy - Edison the Petit Lamp + The Residence - 5 Colours

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Keys, telephones, and lipsticks are the objects we tend to lose the most. In our busy lives, this is all not too surprising. In order to provide peace of mind and to give these items their fixed place, Fatboy developed the Edison the Petit Residence.

There are many reasons that led to the creation of this convenient little storage shelf. Practicality is one of them. Paying tribute to Fatboy’s little table lamp Edison the Petit is another one. So just like the name reveals, this nifty plateau seats Edison the Petit in an honourable way. A stylish home base for the lamp as a spacious tray that welcomes keys, cherished trinkets, and those shopping cart coins that are always missing when you need them.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Edison the Petit Residence comes in five different colours and features a small, removable standing mirror in the same shape as the tray. Don’t fancy looking at yourself? The empty slot will perfectly hold your mail or photographs.


The Residence

  • Length: 18" / 46 cm
  • Width: 6.7" / 17 cm
  • Height: 1.4" / 3.6 cm
  • Height with mirror: 9.9" / 25.1 cm
  • Material:
    • base cover: ABS rubber coated
    • base bottom: powder-coated steel
    • mirror: glass silver plating

Edison the Petit

  • Diameter: 6.3" / 16 cm
  • Height: 10" / 25 cm
  • Light color: 2700K
  • 50K hours lifespan
  • Duration 100% during 7.5 hours


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