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Origami Ring Holder Rabbit - Chrome



Keep your rings safe in adorable style with the Umbra Origami Ring Holder - Rabbit!

Designed to look like an origami paper rabbit, this stunning cast metal version will keep your most treasured rings safe! This cute critter’s ears and tails double up as handy ring holders.

In a smooth chrome finish, this playful bunny-shaped jewellery stand is bang on the current metallic homeware trend. And with his padded base, he can sit on any surface without marking it - perfect for a dressing table, bedside table, or even a kitchen window sill as you wash up!

This origami style bunny will hop straight to the top of the list of gifts for animal lovers, and also anyone who is always misplacing their jewellery! See more adorable animal-shaped ring holders on the right hand side!

Umbra Origami Ring Holder - Rabbit specifications

  • Material: cast metal
  • Dimensions: approx. 7.6cm x 6.4cm x 3.2cm