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Starfish Hair Catcher (2 Set), Asst

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Inspired by a starfish's ability to stay suctioned to the aquarium floor, the STARFISH HAIR CATCHER ensures your shower is clog-free with it's practical and fun design. Keep your shower clog-free with a hair catcher that looks natural in its aquatic space.

  • MOLDED HAIR CATCHER: Starfish is a molded hair catcher with 5 suction cups to hold the catcher in place on your tub floor with a tight water-resistant seal
  • DURBABLE: Made of a flexible and water-resistant silicone material, Starfish will not rust.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Effortless to install in any bathtub, simply press down on the suction cups for a secure hold and you are set; fits most standard tub and shower drains; measures 6 ¬ inches in diameter and « inch in height

Width:5.88 (in)

Height:0.2 (in)

Depth:5.88 (in)