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Saddle Sink Caddy, Black



Saddle Sink Caddy is the durable, flexible sink organizer that keeps your sponge and scrubbing accessories close at hand when you need them and neatly stored, dry and out of the way when you don’t.

With a simple, yet clever design that works with most standard double sinks, it’s no surprise that Saddle Sink Caddy is a customer favorite and one of Umbra’s best-selling products of all time. Whether you’re using it to hold a sponge, dishcloth, scrubber or even your kitchen sink drain plug, it’s versatility is something you’ll instantly love. Of course, you’ll also appreciate the small details like drainage holes which help ensure your favorite sponge and scrubbers dry quickly and stay odor-free. Best of all, Saddle Sink Caddy requires no special setup so there’s no need to fuss with suction cups or hooks of any kind.

Simply rest Saddle Sink Caddy over your double sink divider (2 inches in width or less) when you need it and remove it just as easily when you don’t.

4.45"L x 6.29"W x 4.13"H