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Venti Large Trash Can, BLK/NKL

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Both modern and functional, this trash can not only conceals garbage with its funnel lid but is hassle-free, allowing you to throw things out without having to touch a lid or foot pedal. Its large (62L) capacity makes it versatile for both commercial and residential uses and features a deep lid to hold and conceal the garbage bag. It works with the most popular 13-gallon (bag will hang inside the can) or 30-gallon garbage bags, including draw-sting and flap-tie bags. Vento has a sophisticated and modern look, making it easy to integrate in any living or kitchen space. Making life easier, this trash can’s touch-free lid and smooth surface allow it to be both easy to clean as well as mess-free. Whether you need a trash can for parties, commercial use or for your home, the Vento is the perfect modern and clean can that stores and conceals a large capacity.

  • Sleek, 16.5-Gallon Trash Can: Vento is a large-capacity garbage can (holds 16.5 gallons) with sleek lines and a lid that conceals garbage bags for a clean look that fits in seamlessly with a modern kitchen
  • Open-Lid: This sleek trash can has a simple open-top lid, so you don't have to push on a pedal or swing open a lid in order to throw your garbage away
  • Contemporary Colors: Vento's colors allow it to fit in seamlessly with a modern kitchen, its colours fitting in nicely with stainless steel appliances
  • Durable And Easy To Clean: Made of durable polypropylene, Vento is easy to clean, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it neat
  • 30" tall x 14.6" in diameter